2Ibix blasters require a suitable airflow to operate at optimum effectiveness. These compressors are supplied to match the requirements of the Ibix range of surface blasters, and the Ibix range of Mobile Flame Spray Powder Coating machines.


IB2 Trolley Electric Compressor

IB2 Electric Compressor with Trolley

11 Ibix 3 The IB2 can fit into the back of a station wagon, alongside the Ibix 3 blaster, and all the equipment you need for a job. And it operates from a standard power plug! Ideal for field tests, condition monitoring, spot cleaning, setting achievable contract standards. Used in workshops, confined spaces or poor ventilation, and elevated or difficult access situations. Download Brochure

IB2 Trolley Petrol Compressor

IB2 Petrol Compressor with Trolley

16 Ibix 9, Trilogy 9 The IB2 Petrol is the smallest screw compressor on the market, with big features like 10 bar pressure, noise reduction and low emissions. 16 cfm output and low fuel consumption make it a great companion to the Ibix 3 or Ibix 9. Quiet, with low fuel consumption, and easily handled by one worker. Download Brochure
IB9 Electric Compressor 17.7 Ibix 9, Trilogy 9 coming soon Download Brochure

A90 Portable Compressor

A90 Portable Compressor

17.7 Ibix 9, Trilogy 9 The A90 MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSOR is an easily moved wheeled compressor with a small tank. A powerful piston provides the blasting unit with compressed air at a regular rate of 500 l/min so as to hold the blasting material output pressure steady; in this way the blaster operates at maximum efficiency at all times without any pressure reload pauses. Download Brochure

VRK 200 Petrol Compressor with Trolley

VRK 200 Petrol Compressor with Trolley

78 Ibix 25, Trilogy 28 The VRK is quiet; an incredibly compact unit that can be maneuvered by one person, and it has its own air dryer built in! The 24 HP engine produces 78cfm, more than enough for the Ibix 25 and Trilogy 28 blasters. Download Brochure